Analysis Of The Perfect Razors For Men

Shaving razors come in different brands and styles. Shaving is a daily routine done by people around the globe. It is essential to be equipped on the many shavers in the market for you to have knowledge of the best type according to your individual use available in the market. Cartridge, straight and safety are different types of razors discussed below.

Cartridge Shavers

In the developed countries these are the traditional type of shavers available. These are kind of razors where blades fvhbgtare not handled directly, but the cartridge handling is clipped to the blade. It may be seen as a sequence of the evolution of the safety razors though this design makes the cartridge shavers safer than safety razors.

The cartridge shavers are more beneficial to use as their design is user-friendly. They have flexible heads and safety features which can allow even an amateur to use.

Common types of these shavers include fusion shavers and Gillette Mach 3. Gillette Mach 3 is more popular and comes with three or two blades while Fusion shavers have five blades and it is also a newer product in the market today.

Straight Blades

fvhyjThis is the type of blade that can be flooded into its handle; it is also called open razor or cut-throat. The straight blades used to be the standard tools for shaving until early years of the twentieth century. It was famous until the discovery of the safety blade which gave a safer option than a straight edge blade. The straight edge continues to be men’s favorite though there are other modern introduced methods people can us utilize to shave which include an option of wet shavers.

The advantage of these blades is, this blade is the cheapest as there is nothing else to get after purchasing a razor, honing and strop device. But the only irregularity is the shavette which has a straight razor with disposable blades.

Double Edge Safety Shavers

These types of razors are considered to be the best razors for men. They offer a safety feature that is known to us as a comb, they become widely popular in the 1990s. The razor of this shaver has a safety bar so they are not directly exposed to the skin. The safety bar keeps a distance between the skin and the blade therefore reducing razor cuts. The safety shavers is still the common shaving tool because of its classical shaving routines and its cheaper to buy though it has been succeeded by electric and cartridge razors.