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Tips For A great Eye Makeup


Eyeshadow makes regular eyes look glamorous can enhance gorgeous eyes. There are several eye shadows you can select from, it depends on your preference which will determine your entire look and effect. The most common choice for many people is the powder. The powder is easy to mix with other shadows to get color. The other option is eye creams which are easy to apply as you do not have to pay close attention to details. It is important to apply the right eye makeup that will enable you to standout. Below are tips on how to perfectly apply your eye makeup.

Selecting The Correct Eyeshadow Color

It is important to consider your skin tone and eye color when selecting eye shadow.grvdcd

Hazel Or Green Eyes

For a smokey effect, you can apply brown, dark brown, gold with black or burnt orange. Utilize lime green, orange, purple or yellow for a funky look. For the base, you can use any shade of orange or creamy gold.

Blue Eyes

You can make your eyes stand out and make a lovely smoky effect by applying dark blue blended with black and violet shade. Gray, gold and silver taupe is great colors for the opening. Utilize fuchsia, vibrant purples and creamy peaches.

Brown Eyes

With this kind of eyes, you can get away with many colors. You will highlight the eye color with copper bronze and gold. You may brighten and open your eyes by utilizing light blue or baby pink colors. Use fuchsia, teal lime, bright violet, bright blue and hot pink for a funky look.

Choose The Correct Type Of Eye Shadow

Powder Eyeshadow

Powder eyeshadow comes as part of palette sets in single colors. This kind of eyeshadows blends well to give you a smokey eye effect. Utilize a brush when applying powders.

Liquid Eyeshadow

They are ideal for opening and brightening your eyes. You can achieve a more of a sheer look.

Cream Eyeshadow

vftgyhyThey are not easy to mix, these can be used as liquid eyeliner if you add a little water and they are good for color blocking. If you mix several eyes, you will get a blotchy look. The best thing about the cream eye shadows is they give you a vibrant and gorgeous intense color. You can apply them to using your finger or a sponge.

When applying your eye shadow ensure that you use makeup brushes where required and blend your colors well to have an outstanding look.…