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Tips For Making Homemade Body Lotions


Many people get their lotions from beauty stores. You may end up not happy with the cream most of them don’t work as intended to or as you were promised they would work. Some of them may ruin your health and skin appearance as they contain harmful chemicals. You may also get an allergy from using the lotions bought from the beauty shops.

A homemade skin care cream has many benefits. It is a perfect idea to include it in your skin care routine. The first benefit is it cheaper than any other creams that are bought from shops. The high price of the lotion isn’t necessarily the quality of elements used to make it, but it is the marketing campaign strategy and overhead costs that the companies have. A homemade lotion is cheaper to make as there is no shipment and market cost and most of the ingredients are readily available at home. The following are tips for making homemade lotions.

Know Your Skin Typefghthy

It is important to understand the purpose you are making your home lotion for, as this will enable you to know the exact ingredients you need to use. You should go for ingredients that have moisturizing properties your skin if you have dry skin. Individuals with oily skin should avoid ingredients that are oily to stop making your skin situation worse.


The ingredients used are readily absorbed by the skin and also contain proper nutrients for the body. When the lotion is applied, the nutrients quickly reach the essential skin cells due to natural absorption. When making the lotion, avoid ingredients that you are allergic with so as to prevent any skin reaction.

Scent The Lotion

The best thing about homemade lotions is you get to decide on the scent. It is fun to choose a natural scent that you like which best works for you. You can come up with the perfect scent by mixing various natural ingredients.

Keep Records

yhyjuuWhen you use various homemade lotions, is vital to keep track on the result from the different types of body lotions. The record will help you identify what works for you perfectly and you will also have an opportunity to keep track on the different scents you have tried. You will be able to know the scent that works for best. With the record tracks it will be easy for you to have a future reference.…