Most men have considered a watch as the most important accessory that they should own. You should not portray a sense of sloppiness by purchasing a casual watch that you saw at your working place or any other place. As a man, you should always ensure that you acquire a cool watch. It is important also to ensure that you have got different types of watches that to various occasions.

Before buying a watch, it is essential to know the wearer’s lifestyle. This will help you to know the different types of watches that you will buy. After identifying the type of a watch that fits a man’s preferences and taste, the immediate factor you should consider is the parts of the cheap watches. The following are some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying cool male watches.

Water resistant

You should not assume that watches are waterproof. This is because most of the watches in the market are not waterproof. You should not take your watch to the pool or into the sea. This is because they contain a lot of chlorine and salt. Therefore, before making any purchasing decision, this should be the first factor that you should consider.

Scratch resistant

The cover of a watch is designed to protect the dial. This cover of a watch is featured by the face of a watch, and it is then termed as the crystal. Sapphire, acrylic, and mineral are the main types of watch crystals. The mineral crystals have various elements that prevent scratches on the face of the watch. Only expensive watches have mineral crystals. The acrylic crystal does not help to prevent scratches because it is an inexpensive plastic. Sapphire crystals are recommended because they are three times harder compared to the mineral crystals. It is the most expensive crystal. Therefore, these materials make the watch shatterproof and scratch resistant.

Serial numbers

This is an important aspect that should be considered because it helps to identify the type of a watch. The serial numbers, provide an evidence of a legitimate watch. This will enable all the permitted dealers to access the information of their manufacturers. So it is advisable to ensure that you have bought the correct type of a watch that you wanted by checking the serial numbers. You can contact the manufacturer or the authorized dealer for clarification. These are the factors that you should consider always to ensure that you get the cool male watches.