Advice on Conducting Funeral Services at a Church

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Conducting a funeral can be devastating for friends and family members alike. While it’s likely that the memorial service will take place at a funeral home, many individuals may wish to host the funeral service at their place of worship. Churches are places of comfort that are less stark than cemeteries and can provide peace of mind in your time of need.

There’s plenty to consider, however, from the type of service to host to which funeral director to use. To avoid feelings of stress and find the perfect way to honor your loved one, a church funeral can be an ideal, affordable option.

Consider the type of service.

If you’re dealing with a traditional burial, you may want to consider an open-casket service. However, if the deceased person specified cremation services in their will, this may alter the proceedings a bit. While traditional funerals often give individuals time to pay their respects to the deceased, final arrangements for cremation services can alter aspects of the funeral service. On top of that, you’ll have to work with the deceased’s family to determine whether or not to display the cremated remains.


While many will consider cremation costs when deciding between a church or a traditional funeral home, it’s also important to understand whether or not the person’s specified faith is okay with cremation in general. Some religions and sects don’t look fondly upon cremation and this can impact the worship services. For an honest service, it’s good to find a place of worship that doesn’t mind cremation. Experienced funeral directors and cremation providers can point you in the right direction.

Notify the congregation.

If the deceased was close to their churchgoing community, it’s liable that the funeral will be something of a church event. While you can use simple church bulletin covers to reach out, a bulletin may not reach as many members as you’d like. For the best experience, you may want to turn to social media. If your loved one has chosen the cremation option, you may want to note that on the bulletin or stationery or simply state that the caskets won’t be available for viewing.


If you’re having a difficult time handling outreach while sorting out funeral service arrangements, many churches have a staff of dedicated professionals that are glad to help at no additional charge. This means you don’t have to sit through fancy sales pitches or be left with a lot of unanswered questions. Instead, you can focus on the upcoming service and choose the perfect psalm for the memorial.

Keep things simple.

Church-based funerals aren’t simply about affordable prices. They’re about community and connectivity. It’s a chance for family, friends, and fellow worshippers to congregate and pay their respects. Even during this difficult time, you can keep things simple and ensure that you’re not overwhelmed with the odds and ends of the service. Sometimes, a simple cremation followed by a service with appropriate worship bulletins and the perfect psalm can make a major difference.

During this difficult time, it’s ideal to be surrounded by the compassion of fellow worshippers. That’s what ultimately matters when you’re trying to organize a funeral. It’s not about how ostentatious or showy the service can be. In its essence, it’s a celebration of life, the mourning of death, and a chance to say a proper goodbye. Hosting a church funeral service can be the ideal way to pay respects to your loved one and bring members of a faith-based community together. You have a built-in support system that’s ready to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out.