Unique and Romantic Gifts for Your Spouse

It happens every year—you find yourself searching far and wide for a gift to give your spouse or significant other to commemorate their birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other holidays. Likewise, you may get them additional presents for different occasions such as a graduation from college or a professional degree program, or a promotion at work. Considering how …

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Advice for Fashionistas

If you’re a fashionista, your home and clothes should reflect your style. Wearing the latest trend and keeping your home fabulous is part of making a fashion statement. Everything from your hair, clothes, shoes, and accessories will have an impact on your fashion style. Likewise, your home can be impacted as well. For fashionistas like yourself, your home will give …

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Is Therapy Included in End of Life Care?

When you’re a young adult, it’s easy to assume you have your whole life ahead of you. Under normal circumstances, it would be illogical to think otherwise. After all, what is youth, if not invincibility? Unrealistic notions about youth aside—unfortunately, there are many young, terminally ill cancer patients. When you’re young and having to make end-of-life decisions, it can wreak …

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