Beat the Heat! Tips for Managing Menopause Symptoms During the Summer

a person standing in a field with their arms out towards the sun

Summertime can be a complete nightmare for women who are suffering through the hot flashes of menopause. Though hot flashes can be caused by a number of different things, it is widely known that women who are going to menopause suffer from them often. This symptom of menopause is caused by hormonal changes and can be made even worse by the environment, especially the heat of summer. Luckily, there are quite a few ways that you can beat the heat of summer when you're going through menopause. Read on below for a few tips to help you out.


Photo Credit: (Unsplash)

Take A Dip

Everyone knows that the best way to beat the heat during the summer is by taking a dip in the pool. Not only will a few laps around the pool cool you off, it'll increase your blood circulation and reduce your stress levels, which can also lead to hot flashes. Make sure that you have the proper pool nets around and in your pool to ensure the safety of little ones, pets, and guests as well, as pools can be dangerous when unattended. Taking a dip in the pool a couple of times a day can go a long way towards helping you beat the heat of summer.

Take Menopause Supplements

MenoLabs has a supplement that will help to control the symptoms of menopause and the pesky hot flashes that come with it. These supplements are research-driven, which means you know they are safe, and the company is run by women, meaning they know exactly what you're going through as well. If you're taking your supplements every day, it will be much easier to withstand the heat of the upcoming summer and have fun at the same time.

Carry A Small Fan

One of the best ways to beat the heat when you're suffering through menopause is by carrying your own instrument of cool with you. Arm yourself with a small fan, that you can cut on and aim directly at your face when you need too. If you're at home, you can also get a bowl of ice, sit it in front of the fan and have an air conditioning like effect as the ice melts.

Stay Hydrated

This tip is important in the summertime no matter who you are. However, it's even more important for those who are suffering from hot flashes due to menopause. Staying hydrated will keep your body cool, which will help you avoid the hot flashes, headaches, fatigue, and chronic dehydration. It's a good idea to have a bottle of water handy everywhere you go, so you can stay hydrated at all times.

Opt For Cool, Loose-Fitting Clothing

Cotton is the best material to wear during the blistering summer months if you want to stay as cool as possible. Make sure to choose clothing that is loose-fitting for the best results. Synthetic clothing just makes you hotter. Also, opt for light colors over dark colors as well, as darker colors attract the heat.

Join The Gym

Of course, if being outside in the summer is just too much for you, but you still want to get your daily exercise, it's best to join the gym. With the gym, you can still get your workout, but be able to do so in the comfort of the air conditioning the gym provides.

These are just a few of the ways that you can beat the heat this upcoming summer when you're already going through menopause. The symptoms of menopause are tough enough on women, don't let the summer make them worse and try to enjoy the season.