Clip-In Bangs: How to Wear Clip-In Bangs

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Let’s get real about it—our hair matters to how attractive we are perceived to be by our peers. This was basically proven by a 2016 study that found that hair that looks “shiny” was associated with a healthy person whereas hair that lacked this quality made people assume it was damaged through illness.

The study found that everything from damage, color, length, and style had a social effect on how we were perceived by our peers (especially men). Specifically, this affected how men perceived women regarding health, attractiveness, age, reproductive potential, and possible promiscuity.

Clearly hair matters, but what about bangs? We’ve all heard the stereotypes about bangs. I mean, it probably means she’s going through a breakup or is too lazy to change anything else about her style, right?

Opinions on bangs are so passionate and mixed. Some see it as a fashion trend. It’s bold, it’s daring, and it’s cute as hell. While others see it as “lazy” and childish, even.

This was highlighted in late 2018, in an article by Diana Tourjée featured in Vice entitled “Bangs Are Not an OK Hairstyle for Adults.” The article received a lot of attention. In the article, Tourjée humorously equates getting bangs with a “conclusion an eight-year-old would come to if asked to get their hair out of their face.” She goes onto say, “It’s like if you wanted more light in your room, so you cut a hole in the curtain.”

The reality? Bangs aren’t always an emotional fashion choice. Sometimes in life, we truly just want to mix it up! However, bangs can be a big commitment.

Not only will they take some time to grow out if we later decide that we hate them, but bangs tend to accumulate oil and grease faster than the rest of our hair will (so, more hair washing – ugh) and they tend to need to be styled nearly every day (which is a problem for those of us who already feel rushed in the morning).

Luckily, companies like INH Hair offer a variety of clip-in bangs that are cute as heck and require no commitment! Hallelujah! Let’s be honest, even if we’re pretty sure we want to get bangs, we should probably at least test the look first.

So, How Do We Wear Clip-In-Bangs?

Wearing clip-in bangs is quite easy, fun, and looks incredibly natural once finished. This is how to apply clip-in bangs, according to a real-life experience piece published in 2018 by Marie Claire:

Step #1 – Prepare The Clip

When we first receive our clip-in bangs, they may be flat or extra shiny from shipping. If they’re extra shiny, a pre-wash may be necessary. If they’re merely flat, a quick mix of a hairdryer and comb or brush may be all that’s needed to get them to thicken up. The goal in prep is simply to make them look natural and styled the way our hair looks the day of application.

Step #2 – Prepare Your Real Hair

Getting our hair styled the way we want it to look before clipping in the bangs is going to be ideal for hiding the fact that these aren’t really our bangs. Cheaper brands will be longer and less steady. They will most likely require a “base micro braid” to anchor them in and then they are required to be trimmed (usually, this is done by a professional stylist). However, if we order clip-in bangs online through INH Hair, it will cost us a bit more, but they’re way easier to apply. They don’t require an anchor braid and get us a “natural look without getting the chop!”

Step #3 – Clip And Blend

If we’re using the cheaper brands, then trimming them to get the bangs the right length will be necessary (it’s ALWAYS recommended to get this done by a professional stylist). If we’re using the INH Hair brand, then a quick clip in of the clips and a blending into our real hair will be all that’s required.

Step #4 – Flaunt It, Girl!

Once we’re done, it’s important to not forget to get a selfie to show off how great we look in our new clip-in bangs! Get it, girl!