Comfortable Clothing Choices for Women With Fibromyalgia

a rack of clothes from a clothesline

Do you feel tired, stiff, and achy, no matter how long you sleep? Have you been unable to find a remedy for your insomnia and anxiety? You may want to visit a doctor to check for fibromyalgia. It’s a medical condition with chronic pain that can also be mentally taxing. It leads to neuropathic pain, fatigue, insomnia, and a lack of concentration. And, the condition is a more common one than you’d think. Fibromyalgia affects over 5 million adults in the United States. The treatment for this medical condition ranges from exercise and muscle relaxants to common pain killers. Specific vitamins, dietary supplements, and wellness herbs can help as well.

Apart from causing physical and mental pain, fibromyalgia can make daily life difficult. The nerve pain, numbness in your extremities, and muscle pain hinder daily tasks. Some people may suffer from neuropathy issues or nerve damage that will affect sleep schedules. For others, high blood pressure and bowel problems are an issue. Body pain can also make it uncomfortable to wear several types of clothing. Since it is more common among women, it’s important to pick materials and styles of clothing carefully. After all, anything from zippers to elastic bands can cause inflammation and pain. Read on for the best choices of clothing for women with fibromyalgia.

Pick loose dresses and skirts


If you’re not sure what to pick at women’s clothing stores, look for looser styles and natural fabrics. For example, ditch any fitted dresses for a stylish sundress. And, choose a tiered or gypsy skirt over a pencil or tulip style. Stock your wardrobe to ensure you never have to reach for uncomfortable women’s clothes. And, remember to shop smartly. For example, even the lowest price at a summer shop isn’t low enough. Instead, buy summer dresses in the winter to get a discounted price. Look for offers like free shipping and limited-time deals on loose dresses and skirts.

People who have fibromyalgia are more sensitive to types of material as well. Pick lightweight cotton dresses over any synthetic material. Organic materials are the best option, but they can be pricey. Jersey and flannel are good options — test them out first to avoid any skin irritation.

Shun shirts with buttons

When you’re selecting blouses for your wardrobe, follow the same tricks as you would with dresses. Pick blouses in loose, flowing styles and natural, soft materials. Another thing to remember is to avoid zippers (especially back-zips) and small buttons. It’s another pain trigger for people with inflammation and chronic pain. For busy professionals, open blazers are a better option than button-down options.

When you pick sweaters and pullovers, soft material like cashmere is your best option. Something to remember when you choose shirts and tops is to try to stick to dark colors. It can help those who have sensitive skin as a side effect of any fibromyalgia medicines. Loose-fit vests and tunic tops are a great option.

Jeans are not your friend


People with any condition that causes limb pain know jeans are usually a hindrance. Unless you prefer baggy jeans, it’s best to pick another type of bottom. Skinny jeans and high-waist options are a definite no. Skinny jeans can cut circulation and increase nerve pain. And, high-waist jeans can make any colon and bowel symptoms of fibromyalgia worse.

Pants you should pick for comfort include stretchy yoga pants and comfortable culottes. Try to find yoga pants made with modal — a soft fabric that is incredibly comfortable. Choose pants with a drawstring waist instead of tight elastic or buttons and zips.

Try compression clothing


Some people with fibromyalgia may experience relief with compression clothing. The clothing can help with chronic nerve pain, body pain, and inflammation. It also mitigates pain triggers by making daily activities more comfortable.

Remember, compression clothing doesn’t always help everyone. Sometimes it’s best to turn to medicine or find the root cause of nerve pain. However, for those with a fibromyalgia diagnosis and poor nerve health, it can be a boon. Compression socks help keep any odd sensation in your limbs at bay long enough to help you sleep. And, some compression clothing can also help assist with circulation.

It’s often best to combine the comfort of compression clothing with a nerve health pill. Common pain killers and traditional medicine can ease some of the nerve pain. However, for sustained nerve control, it’s best to look towards a dietary supplement. Supplements and vitamins have no side effects, and they contain all-natural ingredients. So, these capsules are an effective solution for some chronic pain. A supplement like Nerve Control 911 is a good option. It contains natural ingredients like marshmallow root and passionflower. This natural composition delivers all sorts of pain relief. It also relieves some other symptoms of the condition like insomnia and anxiety.

Find breathable nightwear

Nightwear should be comfortable for everyone. However, for women with fibromyalgia, it’s crucial to have comfort and breathability. The medical condition can cause insomnia and sleep issues. To avoid any pain triggers and get proper rest, pick nightwear carefully.

Even if it’s cold outside, pick lightweight fabrics. The temperature in the human body rises and falls as you sleep. So, your clothing should help regulate it as much as possible. Cotton drawstring pajamas and loose-fitted, breathable nightshirts are your best option here. If you get odd sensations in your limbs or other body parts in your sleep, wearing socks can help.