Feeling Stressed? Maybe You Should Consider Taking CBD

a person pouring a drink into a glass

Let’s be honest: these are stressful times. George Floyd protests and the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have led many of us to an emotional state of turmoil. Perhaps you’re having a difficult time focusing on your work. Maybe you’re having difficulty falling asleep or are experiencing restlessness. You may be struggling with trying to block out the troubles of the world, even if only for 30 minutes. Your frustration is valid, but it’s only temporary; there are plenty of resources available to help relieve your stress.

One of the best resources you should consider is CBD. Short for cannabidiol, this is one of the compounds found in the marijuana plant (it’s also found in hemp). Unlike THC (the main compound in the marijuana plant), this compound doesn’t give you the sensation of being “high;” however, it may provide you with some relief.

Depression and anxiety are two mental health disorders that can have negative effects on your overall well-being. It’s common to experience stress while both enduring and seeking treatment for these conditions. Fortunately, research has shown that CBD positively affects your body’s serotonin. Keeping your serotonin level balanced is essential for maintaining healthy mental health.

Another major benefit of using CBD to lower your stress is that there are no signs of major side effects. It serves as a natural, holistic remedy in comparison to antidepressants or medications that may produce negative side effects. Sometimes, those side effects of prescribed medication can make treatment seem unbearable; you should always consider seeking a healthier alternative that won’t make you any sicker.

So, let’s start looking at the options for using CBD. An excellent company to start your journey with is Plain Jane. Plain Jane is an affordable and all-natural company that sells hemp and CBD products. There are several ways to use CBD: digesting orally, applying as a skincare product, and inhaling through smoking or vaping. How amazing is it that Plain Jane has products to fulfill all these methods?

You can buy the following on tryplainjane:

Hemp Flower: From sour space candy to Hawaiian haze to berry bliss, Plain Jane has an impressive choice of strains for their hemp flowers. These CBD flower strains are a great option for when you’re looking to relax.

Pre-Rolls: If you want to skip the work of grinding down an affordable CBD hemp flower yourself, there’s the perfect solution for you: pre-rolls! These pre-rolled joints and hemp cigarettes are available to your user as soon as your order comes in.

CBD Oil: Whether you want to ingest the oil orally or if you want to apply it as a skincare product, oil is a simple and soothing way to experience the sweet sensation of CBD.

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We hope that you’re encouraged to consider using CBD products to help with any stressors you face. It’s essential that you are making your mental health your priority during this time! Please remember: if you are already taking any prescribed medication or anti-depressants to combat stress, consult with a doctor before you seek holistic alternatives. Whenever you are ready, Plain Jane will be here with open arms.