How Sex Has Changed and How to Have Fun With It

a person taking a picture of herself in a mirror

In many religions, sexual intercourse is usually for procreation purposes and to create a larger number of devout followers. Men and women usually wait until marriage to consummate their union and begin a family. All species reproduce in hopes the growth of their offspring means spreading out in the world genetically. Sex leading to babies helps a species grow and thrive. However, today sex is no longer just for procreation but for fun and pleasure. 

From robotic love dolls to smart apps connecting us to a potential mate, looking for love or lust is easier than ever. That also means finding the right person or people to share your curiosity with may involve more than swiping right. Here are some tips for improving your sex life tonight.

Safety comes first when you’re seeking out companionship. Vetting someone who you feel safe with is crucial to forming the perfect sexual union and relationship. Whether you want companionship or a long-lasting connection, you also want to be compatible in bed. If you decide to expand your sexual horizons there are places to find information about potential trysts. Online sites such as allow you to perform background checks so you know who you’re spending time with. 

One night stands and summer flings sound exciting, however, you want to make sure you are safe and in good company. This service can be great for blind dates for you or when looking out for your friends when they ring you up with a potential candidate for a Saturday dinner. However, you may want to keep in mind that someone’s social media page may not accurately represent who they truly are. You can still be safe while maintaining an open mind.

Trust is a vital part of a sexual relationship, especially when you decide to go outside the box and bring in props and toys. Your partner may not be on board at first. Sex toys are still discussed in whispered, but that doesn’t mean you and your loved one have to skip it. Beginning small with vibrators and rings may be a good jumping-off point. 

If you both are looking to add additional spice without wanting a real human for fear of embarrassment or even jealousy, consider purchasing life-like AI sex robots at California-dolls. Each doll is crafted with a flexible, metal skeleton and TPE, a silicone material that mimics the softness and mobility of actual flesh. This allows them to communicate with you on an intimate and sensual level. Realistic responses to touch and true to life features give the feeling of interacting with a real person. You can choose a doll that reflects your wants and needs from the desired body shape, hair color and texture, ethnicity, and height. These robotic sex dolls can also be helpful for those who have dealt with sexual trauma or have pelvic conditions making sex painful. These dolls allow you more freedom with sexual exploration without the fear of pain during intercourse. 

Being with one or more partners and indulging in various positions and toys can lead to some physical discomforts. Chafing from bedroom escapades or irritate your skin isn’t much of a turn on and if visible, can be embarrassing. CBD oils can be used in a variety of ways in the bedroom. Massage oils and lotions containing CBD can be used during intimate times during foreplay and to reduce rubbing on areas that may require a handcuff or even a silk scarf. Massages can also help connect with your partner(s) in an additionally intimate way. For people suffering from sexual discomfort or anxiety, CBD taken orally can give the relief needed for intimacy issues. CBD tincture for sale at CBD Oil Solutions comes in different strengths and flavors to try. 

Edibles, such as chocolate and caramels, are a delicious way to enjoy CBD and can be used during a special date night with you and your partner. You can also grab some extra products with melatonin to help you all sleep, followed by refreshing facial products for the morning before work.