How to Pick the Right Necklace for Any Neckline

a woman with a black belt

There are plenty of factors to consider when comparing necklaces for a particular occasion or outfit. Do you want to wear a silver necklace or gold? Emerald or ruby? With any material or aspect, there’s one particular aspect that outranks all others when choosing the right jewelry to adorn your neck—the neckline of the blouse or dress you’ll wear with it.

Based on that neckline, you can choose the style and length that work best to make the most of your chosen look.



When wearing a strapless dress or top, your best necklace option will be a simple, dainty choker. Consider a subtle silver or gold necklace that hugs your necks, adding just a bit of sparkle to this classic look. For some occasions, you might prefer a bolder option, reaching for an edgier or more brightly colored style of a choker.

Crew Neck


With a crew neck, you have plenty of options for a necklace that will look great. A chunky collar or bib style statement piece, for instance, will hug your neckline and stand out from a simple t-shirt or round-neck dress. Here, too, you can choose to experiment with colors and vibrant details.



When it comes to a v-shaped neckline, you’ll once again want a necklace that follows the same general shape. Look to pendants or statement pieces that fill the V of your décolleté—it’s up to you whether you want that to be full coverage or more subtle detail.

Scoop Neck


A scoop-necked top begs for a shorter necklace that packs a punch in terms of volume. This is a neckline where you practically have to choose a statement piece, whether that’s a multilayered stack of pearls or a whimsical necklace with vivid colors and patterns.

Off the Shoulder


When your neckline falls off your shoulders on one or both arms, you have a perfect opportunity to showcase the longest styles of a necklace in your collection. The way that lengthy pendant necklaces flow down your body mimics the loose neckline of your blouse or dress, complimenting your overall look.

Boat Neck


With a boat neckline, you can’t go wrong with pearls or other beads, especially in a lengthier piece. A round bead echoes the rounded collar of your top while the length of a statement necklace will, in turn, lengthen your body and draw attention to your outfit as a whole.



If you’re wearing the classic feminine sweetheart neckline, pendants will once again be your best friend. Like with so many other open necklines, you’ll want your chosen necklace to follow the basic shape of your neckline, accenting your skin and clothing choice alike in an ideal balance of modesty and self-assurance.

Square Neck


While wearing a square neck blouse or dress, you’ll want to look at angular pendants in particular as a way to break up your top’s potentially harsh straight edge. Look for abstract angles, bends, or triangular pendants to make the most of your square neckline for any occasion.

From classic pearls to modern accent pieces, you have no shortage of options when it comes to the style of necklace you‘ll wear for any particular occasion. However, you’ll find you get the best results by choosing a necklace that matches the neckline of your blouse or dress.

Whether you’re covering your bare skin with a substantial, chunky style or you’re adding a simple choker or pendant for just a hint of shine, the right necklace can transform your look. Even if you’ve found the perfect outfit for an event, one that’s sure to turn heads on its own, a necklace with a bit of thought behind it can take your style from ten out of ten to a whopping 100.