How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

a group of houses on a beach

Maybe cabin fever’s set in, or pandemic fatigue has finally thrown you over the edge. Regardless of why you’re considering a road trip, the best trips come with some planning ahead and especially in the middle of a pandemic. Whether your camping, glamping, or just plain looking for adventure, it’s important to know the goal of your trip before you get to planning. It’ll make a big difference in how you pack and whether or not your road trip is all you’re hoping for if you do your homework ahead. If you’re restless and want to know more about planning the perfect road trip, read on.



If you’re like many and have spent nearly a year following social distancing rules and kept away from loved ones due to restrictions, you’ve probably been spending more time than ever at home. Anxious for a change of scenery, the perfect road trip for you could involve both the in and outdoors.

Maybe you’re a seeker of adventure. If that’s the case, consider visiting national parks across the United States. For you, there could be advantages to a little extra research and homework when planning your trip. Seeker, for example, is a free community of expert travelers. They can give advice for traveling both inside and outside of the U.S. Even better, they’ll help you connect with other travelers looking to road trip, too.



Considering that many destinations are shut down or still on restriction, it’ll be important to be creative when planning your trip. If you’re someone who loves the luxury of a home or a fancy hotel, another way to go about this could be glamping. Maybe you’re someone who already knows the joys of visiting day spas. You love the finer things in life and understand that mental wellness also means self-care and finding time for relaxing. If you’re a person who enjoys a great manicure, pedicure, waxes, and the perfect facial, odds are you’d also enjoy glamping. Similar to camping, glamping trips mean all the comforts of fancy accommodations but outdoors where things are a little safer during the pandemic.

For a road trip that you’ll love, a simple Google search for luxury Airbnb’s or RV rentals might be exactly what you need to bring your road trip dreams into reality.



Because most national parks in the United States are still open, the perfect road trip might involve exploring them. Plan your trip ahead by looking up free campgrounds and more. Doing your research when it comes to travel restrictions in the states you’ll be traveling to ahead of time is a good idea as well. When planning, consider too, packing items that will make it easier to stay off the grid and away from crowded places. Butane stoves, travel toilets for the car, and more, will mean less stops at rest areas and more time at the campground.

When planning a cross-country trip with kids, be sure to bring entertainment, too. iPads, mobile devices, and plenty of chargers for these devices, will keep them entertained while you skip from one destination to the next and make for a happier trip for everyone.

In the end, your final road trip destination is up to you. For those planning to spend weeks on the road or who are working remotely, consider the new amenities in RV’s and converted vans. Easily rented, they could give you new ideas not just about travel, but for how to change your lifestyle, too. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that working and schooling remotely is doable. With some planning ahead, you might just find your road trip needs an extension. Happy and safe travels to you and may your adventures be all you’ve hoped for.