How to Turn a Hot Date into a Wild Night

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Do you have a hot date tonight? Maybe it’s with someone you’ve seen a few times, or maybe it’s your long-time partner who you haven’t seen in a while. Whoever this may be, you’re excited for what’s coming tonight. Maybe you’re reading this article because you’re nervous about how to take the night to the next level, or maybe you just want to get creative and are looking for some inspiration. Either way, here are a few pointers for turning your hot date into a wild night.

Send them that text.

Yeah, you know exactly what you’re going to send. You’ve thought about this text for days, so don’t chicken out. Put on some sexy lingerie or just unbutton a button on your dress. Send it in the morning so that they spend the rest of the day thinking about you and fantasizing about the endless possibilities.

Pro tip: Don’t be overt with what you want. Be subtle and suggestive. Nuance is so much sexier and will leave your partner guessing about what’s to come.

Pick the right restaurant.

This is the place where you will set the mood for the evening, so it’s pertinent that you pick a place with lower lighting and a soft atmosphere so you can focus on one another. A place with loud music will overpower conversation, and going to a family-friendly burger joint just isn’t sexy and might ruin the mood.

If you can afford it, pick a place that requires reservations, at least on the weekends. Order that pricey bottle of wine. Order some oysters or another aphrodisiac — maybe strawberries with chocolate for dessert.

Pro tip: use opportunities to lightly touch your date during the dinner. These light touches will get his blood flow going and, on top of that text of you with an unbuttoned dress, will have him imagining all kinds of things.

Go for the leather and lace.

Now, this is a big one. Sure the outfit you planned for tonight is of utmost importance, but you’ll hold even more powerful knowing that what you have on underneath your outfit will take your fun night and turn it into a hot, wet, and wild ride. Forget a simple bra and panties — go for full-blown women’s lingerie, lace panties, and a babydoll dress or garters and a corset. Lingerie is some of the sexiest apparel on the market, but you want to make sure that it looks good and feels good, so make sure your lingerie is made with the best quality fabric. Once your partner sees how sexy you are in your lingerie, it’s game over.

Make sure you have sleepwear like a sexy little chemise or slip and a silky robe to sleep in after you both exhaust yourselves with pleasure. That way, when you two wake up they can get an instant reminder of how sexy you are. An added bonus is that your chemise will be super comfy to sleep in and feel super sexy in. Sexy lingerie like a teddy, bodysuits, thongs, bralettes, and other accessories — like a corset that accentuates your curves — are going to drive your partner crazy and make them want to take it to the next level.

Bring it home.

This is the next step so buckle up baby and listen close. Involving sex toys during intercourse will take your game in the bedroom to the next level and bring your partner to multiple orgasms. Sure, these are great for masturbation, but when you bring your partner in on the pleasure, it is a heightened sexual experience neither of you will forget. Make sure whatever silicone toys you decide to bring into the bedroom are made of body-safe silicone and that you use lube, whether it’s a cock ring, dildo, or a vibrator.

For your lady friend consider involving a dildo for vaginal penetration, or a clitoral stimulator for some extra clitoral stimulation. For your man, consider using a cock ring, especially if you want him to have a stronger erection. A vibrating penis ring with an attached vibrator for clitoral stimulation will have both of you screaming! While the goal should be to enjoy the sensations and the connection with your partner, you’re clearly looking to reach orgasm, and a vibrating cock ring might be the answer to your prayers. Cock rings strengthen the erection and increase the man’s stamina so that he doesn’t reach orgasm too quickly and allow his partner to potentially have multiple climaxes before he finishes.