Living the Single Life in the UK

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Being in a relationship is nice, but there’s much joy in being single — especially in the United Kingdom, where urban nightlife and wonderful date spots abound. In this day and age, it’s easy to meet other singles in person or online, and there are so many things you can do as a single person that you may not be able to do later. No wonder folks in the UK get married later and later in life!

If you’re single right now, take our advice: enjoy yourself! Don’t rush your life, and take some time to check out the nightlife, swipe your way through the apps, and have a great time before becoming serious (if you so choose) with the person you were really meant to be with.

UK Nightlife for the Single Set

The UK is full of great places to spend the night with other singles. London alone is home to more than 3,500 bars and nightclubs! If you’re out to meet people, bring along some friends, so you can make conversation in groups. Choose nightclubs with places where you can hear yourself talk, but make sure you do some dancing, too. Nobody wants to meet someone who keeps them away from the dance floor all night!

The UK nightlife is at its best in places like London and Manchester, but don’t turn down the chance to head to a bar in a smaller city or town. You could meet some interesting people!

Whetting Your App-etite

We’re living in the future. It has never been easier to get a date (or whatever else you’d like) because there are countless mobile apps and online tools that exist just for the purpose of bringing people together.

It’s worth trying out many dating apps, but keep in mind that the smorgasbord of apps allows you to select the ones that best mirror what you want. Tinder has a reputation for being a touch less serious than Bumble, for instance, and you’ll want to use a different sort of app altogether if you’re just looking for an “adult dating” experience.

Try out multiple apps, find the ones that work for you, and focus on them! Put yourself out there and send many messages. However, remember to be respectful. Dating is nerve-wracking for everyone, and you don’t want to make others uncomfortable (or embarrass yourself) with awkward or, worse yet, inappropriate conduct on dating apps. Ask real questions, just as you would on an in-person date, and try to get to know some people!

Getting Serious

Of course, you may not want to be single forever. However, getting out of the single life requires a bit of single-life tact, so it’s time to brush up on your first date skills! If you’re after something serious, you should focus on apps that match your priorities. Try out different ones, and don’t turn up your nose at the paid apps. The user bases on those apps are often serious about getting serious, making them a good choice for folks who have had enough of the single life.

Studies show that UK daters’ pet peeves include tasteless and vulgar jokes, so steer clear of things like that! Focus on being your best self, and try out active listening skills on a date. When it’s your turn to talk, focus on your passions and things you like: positivity can draw out the best in you. Good luck, and remember: being single can be a great deal of fun, too!