Planning a Road Trip With Your Spouse

a man and woman sitting in a car with their hands on the door

‘Life would have been meaningless if it weren’t for the people we meet, the places we see, and the books we read.’ Indeed, this saying is true. The essence of life is the memories we create. Even if we lose everything, those memories will always keep us warm.

No doubt, traveling with the person you love will be a long-lasting memory. With that in mind, if you’re considering heading across the United States to make some memories, this article offers five tips for creating the most amazing road trip with your spouse.

1. Do your research.


You might have a couple of places in mind before making a final decision about the attractions you’ll be visiting on your road trip. Nevertheless, it’ll help to carry out a thorough research of where you intend to travel to and how to plan the perfect road trip there. To ensure you’re properly prepared, check out what other couples have written about their road trips on Domesticated Momma. Check out the details of what you should and shouldn’t do when planning a road trip. It also includes tips on how and what to pack, the kind of food to take along, and what to do on your trip. You’ll also find more valuable articles on all things home, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion on the site.

2. Draw out a detailed budget.

After selecting a place that fits the essence of the trip, the next step is to draw a budget. If the plan is to propose to your spouse, high up that list will be the purchase of an engagement ring. It would be best if you knew what kind you need, be it a handcrafted yellow gold ring or one of the high-end lab created diamond engagement rings.

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3. Check everything on the checklist.


Be it a long road trip or a short one, make sure you have all the things to make your trip fun and memorable. This includes an atlas, a paper map, snacks, video games, a good spare tire, and a van (or a large vehicle). They all need to be in good shape. Also, as mentioned earlier, road trips require a lot of planning. So, it’s always a good idea to fully pack your suitcase in advance‚Äîat least a day before you leave. Also, all the other items on your checklist should be ready beforehand in case the day you leave turns out to be a busy day.

4. Maintain the element of surprise.

No matter how much information you release to your spouse regarding your road trip, that wow effect should be under the cloak. Whether it means getting the latest iPod fully loaded with both your favorite tunes or getting the most loved Dunkin doughnuts and junk food or making a detour via a really scenic route, you must do everything it takes to have that ace up your sleeve. This adds the much-needed spice to create the lasting memory you both desire.

5. Leave all worries behind.


Life throws so many worries and high pressure our way. However, that shouldn’t stop us from getting up the next day and seeking the best way to indulge ourselves in all the fun stuff life brings. High up that list, is hitting the ‘open road’ with the person we love the most. Also, when on the road, try to explore the gifts of life and revel in the wonders of nature. Let the wind kiss you while you embracing by the sweet arms of free-spiritedness.

The perfect road trip can only be created when we leave all our worries behind and drench ourselves in the essence of indulgence. So, go ahead and create that memory!!!!!