Summer Style Tips for Women

As summer heats up, your clothing should cool down—but always in style! Striking the right balance between comfort and fashion might seem tricky, especially as temperatures rise. But with a few simple recommendations, you can easily turn heads wherever you go. Keep reading this insightful guide and explore some handpicked summer style tips to stay fashionable and enjoy the sunny season.

Embrace Vibrant Colors

Summer is the perfect time to embrace bold and vibrant colors in your wardrobe. It’s essentially the season for wearing tropical hues, neon colors, and pastels that reflect the picturesque glory of summer. Think tangy oranges, yellows, and fiery reds—colors that mirror the bright summer sunshine. Also, consider lighter shades like powder pink, mint green, and lavender that exemplify the coolness of summer blooms. These shades not only boost your mood but also allow you to celebrate the vibrance of the season.

When it comes to stylish summer attire, a colorful blouse Canada can serve as a staple piece. You can pair it with denim jeans, shorts, or a skirt for an effortless yet chic look. You can also experiment with multicolored stripes or color block patterns for an edgier style. Remember, the key is picking a color palette that complements your skin tone and exudes positive vibes.

However, if bright colors aren’t your style, you can always opt for pastel shades or light neutrals. White, beige, and lighter shades of green and blue work wonders during summer. So, even if you’re hesitant towards vibrant shades, you can still maintain your color comfort zone while being stylishly on-trend.

Choose Breathable Fabrics


When heat and humidity become your constant companions, choosing the right fabric becomes critical. It’s essential to opt for materials that are lightweight, breathable, and less prone to retaining moisture. Cotton, for instance, is an exceptionally breathable material and a perfect fit for humid conditions. It can absorb moisture, keeping your skin dry and helping you stay cool all day long.

Another fantastic option is linen, a lightweight fabric renowned for its exceptional absorbency and breathability. Although it wrinkles easily, this adds to its charm, making it an effortless style signature. Being hypoallergenic, it’s also suitable for those with sensitive skin. All these qualities make linen a universal favorite for summer. Whether you’re looking for a linen short sleeve or long sleeve top, you can shop for some of the best options at Reitmans.

Explore Trendy Prints

Add a splash of playfulness to your summer wardrobe with trendy prints. One such pattern that’s won hearts this summer is the tie-dye print. Once a symbol of the ’70s, tie-dye has made a significant comeback, taking over dresses, shirts, blouses Canada, and even swimwear. Another popular pattern is polka dots available in various sizes and colors for you to choose from.

Floral prints are also a summer classic, offering a feminine and dreamy touch to your outfit. Big blooming prints and delicate small floral patterns present a versatile choice that suits every taste. Animal prints too continue to be a favorite, especially leopard prints, adding sass to your summer style.

Apart from these, nautical stripes, tribal-inspired prints, or a classic combination of black and white patterns can serve as essential editions to your wardrobe. These patterns can be easily mixed and matched with a complimenting piece in your closet for a chic summer outfit.

Accessorize Thoughtfully


Accessories often serve as the finishing touches to your outfit. During summer, choose accessories that are both practical in the heat and fashionable. Classic wide-brimmed hats or baseball caps protect your face from the sun, and when paired correctly, can add an extra touch to your outfit. Sunglasses are another must-have accessory, protecting your eyes while amping up your summer style.

When it comes to jewelry, opt for minimalistic pieces. Layered necklaces, charm bracelets, hoop earrings, or a delicate anklet can enhance your outfit subtly without overpowering it. Consider the color and neckline of your top while choosing your necklace. Similarly, find balance in your outfit. For example, when wearing statement earrings, keep the rest of your jewelry simple.

Play With Textures

Experimenting with textures and layers can add a new dimension to your outfit. Chiffon, tulle, sequins, or lace materials bring an element of contrast and create an interesting visual appeal. For instance, a lace top layered with a solid camisole can create a look that’s romantic yet chic.

For a bolder style, aim for sequins. Though often associated with parties and nights out, sequins can work remarkably well for daytime looks when styled correctly. Pair a sequined top with neutral shorts and minimal accessories for a balanced look. When it comes to footwear, textured sandals or shoes with detailing can lift a simple ensemble.

If you prefer a casual style, go for denim. A denim jacket can add a retro touch to your summer dress, while a denim miniskirt can provide a modern edge to your look. Ruffles, fringes, and tassels can also serve as delightful details to play with for a bohemian vibe.

Perfect Your Beach Look

No summer wardrobe can be complete without the perfect beach look. Swimsuits, preferably in bright colors or tropical prints, make for a stylish start. Don’t shy away from trendy styles like high-waisted bikini bottoms or one-shoulder swimsuits. Complement your swimsuit with a cover-up like a kimono, sarong, or a shirt dress.

A pair of flip-flops or espadrilles, a straw hat, and dangling earrings are accessories that perfectly match the beach vibe. Don’t forget a trendy tote to carry all your beach essentials. Moreover, sunscreen is an absolute must to protect your skin while you flaunt your beach style.

For post-beach plans, having an easy transitioning outfit helps. You can pair your shorts with your swimsuit and throw on a button-down shirt for a casual yet chic look. Alternatively, wrap a midi-skirt around your swimming suit and you’re ready for a beach date.

Invest in Versatile Basics


While chasing trends can be exciting, having a collection of basics in your summer wardrobe offers endless styling potential. A white T-shirt, for instance, is a versatile piece that goes with everything from a printed skirt or denim shorts to a chic blazer. A classic pair of jeans also serves as a staple. Choose one that suits your style and provides comfort in summer heat.

A little black dress or a light-colored maxi dress can transition from daytime to night-time looks with ease. A well-structured blazer can turn any casual outfit into a polished one. Well-fitted denim jeans, solid-colored blouses, a neutral skirt, and a stylish jumpsuit are other basics that offer plenty of room for creativity.

Shopping for basics doesn’t need to be mundane. Look for small details like interesting necklines, embroidery, or unusual buttons that make the basic ensemble stand out. Keep in mind that investing in high-quality basics can save you from a seasonal fashion frenzy while keeping your style quotient high.

Altogether, dressing stylishly during summer doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. The season provides a perfect playground for experimenting with colors, prints, and textures. Finding a sweet spot between trendy styles and what resonates with your personality can result in a distinct summer style. Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression. So, turn these tips into action and let your summer wardrobe make a style statement!