What You Should Major in Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Choosing a career impacts the rest of your life. For most people, the process of narrowing their career options begins when they start choosing courses in high school. Your career goals could affect your college plans, which might influence your course decisions.

When choosing a major, you may feel you have to choose a practical focus and opt to major in mathematics or computer science. However, there are multiple career options for every major. Any course of study that helps students develop critical thinking, self-motivation, and communication skills has practical applications in the workplace. This means people who believe in their horoscope can use their zodiac sign to choose a college major. Let’s explore some of the best job options and majors for each zodiac sign.

Which zodiac signs could choose to study criminal justice?


Virgos are detail-oriented and have strong organizational skills. These characteristics make them perfect for detail-driven careers, such as accounting. A Virgo could utilize their attention to detail by earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. They’re ideal for law enforcement professions because they’re observant and won’t overlook crucial details. They could also apply their skills in the criminal justice system by working as a forensic accountant, using financial records to identify instances of fraud or theft.

Cancers are caring and nurturing. Their inclination to nurture others makes them ideal candidates for social work or health care professions. Cancers interested in criminal law could use their studies to prepare for a career as a probation officer, helping criminals released on probation readjust to life in society.

Scorpios are ambitious and focused. This makes them ideal for a career as a detective. They may start by studying criminology and work as a police officer, gaining experience to help them advance to the role of detective.

Which zodiac signs should consider creative majors?


Leos are natural entertainers. They love being the center of attention, making them ideal candidates for a career as an actor or musician. They can also use their skills to become a successful salesperson. Leos may opt to earn a certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree in drama, musical theater, or music.

Pisces are creative. People born under this zodiac sign may be ideal candidates for a career as a movie producer or photographer. They may choose to study fine arts, photography, or film.

People born under Aquarius are artistic and unconventional. They may opt to study creative majors, such as art or drama, or pursue a degree in journalism.

What are good majors for other zodiac signs?


Aries are both independent and creative. Their independent streak makes them ideal entrepreneurs, or they may use their creativity to launch a career in marketing. To these ends, they may major in business administration or marketing.

People born under the sign of the bull usually have exceptional style and sophisticated tastes. Tauruses may thrive as interior designers, fashion designers, or beauticians. Studying interior design or graphic arts are great options for a Taurus.

Geminis are social butterflies. Their love of knowledge and ability to talk at length makes them ideal for a career in teaching or coaching. They may major in education.

Libras tend to be friendly, popular, and open-minded, making them ideal for a career as a mediator or counselor. Providing college guidance services would be an excellent career option because they could help their clients clarify their career goals and find the right degree program to complete. They may major in psychology or social work.

People born Sagittarius tend to be adventurous and friendly. Their skills make them ideal for career opportunities as a coach, translator, or salesperson. Major options include physical education, languages, or marketing.

Capricorns are ambitious and consistent. They value stability, which is why they’re suited to practical careers and make great scientists or computer programmers. Whether they pursue postsecondary studies in person or through an online program, their ideal majors include biology, chemistry, and computer science.

Typically, people who share zodiac signs share some common characteristics. Using those characteristics can help you identify the best subject to major in when you go to college.