Why Should You Go to a Spa?

a person lying down with the eyes closed

Many people underestimate the importance of mental wellness. It is perhaps the main reason people should go to spas no matter what their reservations may be. Self care and taking time away from the hectic day to day schedule of ordinary life are both fabulous tools in taking care of your mind. Like going to the doctor when your ankle’s sore or just for your annual physical, making regular visits to your local day spa is a great way to give yourself the mental tune-up and check in you need to stay healthy, alert, and happier. If you’ve ever considered going to a day spa but aren’t sure of how it could benefit you, read on.

You deserve it.


Maybe your sister, mother or brother make a regular habit of going to the day spa to chill out. Maybe you’ve heard other parents from your parent group talk about the Best Day Spa around. It could be that you’re simply curious about a spa you saw in the movies or just want to escape from daily life. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to self care by reading on.

For all the hype, day spas rarely disappoint. Their offerings include everything from manicures and pedicures to hair styling, facials, skin care, waxing, massage, aromatherapy, and more. Most spas offer body treatments and function as one-stop beauty shops for just about any beauty consultation or service you could want. Five minutes after getting your brows plucked, you could move on to a body scrub or find yourself on a massage therapy table, depending on what you want.

If you think you don’t have time for spa services, reconsider. Because most spas offer a variety of services from deep tissue massage to sauna relaxation, you can take all that time you’d use in a week or month and combine it into one day of full escape. You work hard and deserve it. Treat yourself.

You can’t do this at home.


While sheet masks in plastic packages and nail polishes from the pharmacy or even luxury boutiques can be fun for a girl’s movie night or sleepover, not much replaces the relaxing feeling of getting your hair done by a professional stylist in Keller barber chairs that are designed entirely for your comfort. Most day spa services include full and licensed hair technicians who can go further than the basic perm or cut. Knowledgeable about products for your hair type, they’ll even offer rejuvenation advice while you anticipate a relaxing massage. You can’t recreate this experience at home or come close to matching that color job.

It will change your mindset.


Still not sure? If spending the money or making the time feels too hard, consider asking for a gift certificate to a day spa. Once you’ve been and have come out rejuvenated and optimistic, you may feel different. From more energy to better mental wellness, those who go to spas on a regular basis swear by it. If you know friends like this, ask if you can join them. Sometimes, going in groups is not only bonding but makes the overall experience more comfortable.

Before you go, do your research. Many spas will offer packages and special offers for first time customers. From the grand treatment including a custom facial to a quickie visit, you’ll be surprised at how many options there are. Full body waxing, exfoliations or a half hour massage, it’s up to you how you spend your time at the spa.

Research shows that people with strong self care rituals are not only happier but more successful as well. If you’ve been feeling down a trip to the spa could be what helps pick you up. At the very least, love yourself enough to try it out. What have you got to lose?