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How Sex Has Changed and How to Have Fun With It

In many religions, sexual intercourse is usually for procreation purposes and to create a larger number of devout followers. Men and women usually wait until marriage to consummate their union and begin a family. All species reproduce in hopes the growth of their offspring means spreading out in the world genetically. Sex leading to babies helps a species grow and …

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Skincare Tips to Add to Your Beauty Routine NOW

Keeping your skin looking young, fresh, and healthy requires diligently sticking to a daily skincare routine. However, sometimes that’s not even enough to maintain your skin’s natural beauty. Don’t fret! There may be a few key things that you haven’t considered, and they could make all the difference. Here are some tips that might help you achieve healthier and younger-looking …

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First Time Threesome Sex Guide: How to Find a Third Partner

Over time, ideas and opinions of sex have changed. People have increased acceptance of premarital sex, having multiple sexual partners, engaging in casual sex, and sex among individuals who identify as gays and lesbians. Increased exposure to sexual media may contribute to increased interest in different ways to have sex. Having a threesome, for example, is a popular sex fantasy. …

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